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Cherry Slushie Lazy Pig

Cherry Slushie Lazy Pig

This is a super strong, sweet frozen drink. This is a sweet and tangy cherry that everyone will love!


Weighing approx 15g, perfect for trialling your new favourite scent!


They are Vegan and Cruelty Free because they are made out of Soy Wax. These are perfect to try your next go to scent! They are perfect for sampling the scents before you buy a larger amount.These are meant to be burnt as a whole as they are a sample, but some people do cut them in half if they have a smaller burner. Burn Time is Approx 8-12 hours! They are handmade out of soy wax and are available in over 200 scents. Theres perfume, aftershave, fruity, musky and fresh.


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